Content is King” so said Bill Gates in 1996. He went on to say that “I expect much of the real money will be made on the internet just as it was in broadcasting.”

So, Bill’s done alright with it, but what about the rest of us?

You probably know that content is indeed King, but do you plan it out strategically or do you have a rather haphazard approach? And if you DO plan your content (woo hoo — high five 🥳️!), do you know what you’re trying to plan and why?

What Is Content?

First things first, ‘your…

At my last count, there are approximately 43 different marketing channels that you could use to get your business out there.

That’s a LOT.

I suspect there are more being developed as I write this.

And 43 is far more than any reasonable (and sane) business owner could utilise.

And nor should you utilise them all.

Not just for your sanity’s sake.

And not just because there are only so many hours in the day either.

But, even if one of my clients had a never-ending budget to pay an agency to manage all of this for them, I still…

No! Is the short answer.

Did you know that (according to research carried out by McKinsey) your email marketing is 40% (yep, FORTY PER CENT!) more likely to bring you new clients than your social media?

The reason being is that your emails nurture those people who have said that they want to hear from YOU. They’ve seen your social posts, and maybe seen you in action giving talks at events, and now they want to get to know you a bit better.

Email is quite an intimate channel: it’s just you right now reading this. …

Have you ever considered modelling?

Well, me neither to be honest with you but there is another type of modelling that you probably ought to be utilising for your business, and that’s modelling those entrepreneurs who a) are successful and b) you like what they do.

And I do mean modelling, not copying.

What I mean by modelling is to look at what they’re doing and see what you can utilise for your business — or what you can model for your business.

I don’t want you to copy what they do because that is wrong, immoral and unfair!


We all know we need marketing, right? But have you ever stopped to ask yourself why?

Marketing is a massive area and is often mixed up with sales (two entirely different disciplines), PR (different disciplines) or — cue me grimacing — advertising (that’s like saying the cart and the horse are the same thing).

So, let’s go through a few things that marketing will do for you and your business if managed correctly:

1. First, it gets your business and your message in front of the right people: very important if you want clients and to survive as a business…

I don’t know about you, but I have to rely on my weekly and daily action lists in order to make sure everything gets done in my business. Even with the mundane, regular tasks, if I don’t write down — somewhere — what I have to do, then off that thought disappears, out of my memory bank and off into the ether, never to be seen again.

The shopping list is stuck to the side of the fridge so that we can write down what we’ve run out of and thus don’t forget to stock back up, school letters reside…

My mum always used to say “be careful what you wish for, because you might actually get it”

And I am going to start off by saying that it’s time for you to stop wishing for things, to stop wanting them.

Stop wanting new clients, financial success, that new Apple Watch, the new car.

Stop wanting the time to watch TV, the time to see your friends, and the time to meditate.

I really do not want you to want any more!


Because by the sheer act of wanting, you are telling the universe that you haven’t got that…

Firstly, your ‘brand’ is the relationship that your publics (‘publics’ not ‘public’, ie customers, potential customers, stakeholders, local community, online community etc) have with you and how they see you.

You drive that partly through your branding.

And your ‘branding’ is the outward look and feel (identity) of your brand.

It will include (but is not limited to) your colours, designs of digital and physical marketing collateral (eg website, sales pages, leaflets etc), looks and feel, style of imagery, style of copy, tone of voice (in written and spoken word), and so on. Of course, your logo is part of…

When someone does you wrong, you can rightly feel aggrieved, angry, upset or any number of negative emotions.

Left undealt with, these negative emotions can lead to severe illness. At the very least, negative emotions affect the digestive system which can obviously give you digestive disorders such as IBS, but the digestive system is connected to your skin, so you can end up with troublesome rashes, eczema and unexplained topical issues. And that’s before we get to heart and lung issues.

Let me tell you something that’s close to my heart: my mum died at aged 67 which was pretty…

At the beginning of Covid, when we all went into lockdown, I decided that the best thing I could do to be helpful was to run a series of free marketing webinars.

Oh, and start putting out a few videos on social media.

Except, I have always hated being videoed.

In a normal world, I am a public speaker (a throwback to wanting to be an actress when I was young) and I’m quite happy on stage in front of an audience.

Stick me in front of a camera though and the words just dry up and I can think…


I teach all aspects of marketing to coaches, consultants, course creators, crafters and B2B professional service providers.

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